Terrell Technical Services, Inc. (TTSI)

We specialize in various aspects of the environmental, health, and safety fields. TTSI provides consulting services to a diversified clientele ranging from nationwide industries, heavy manufacturing, federal, state and local governments, healthcare providers, educational institutions and systems, insurance claims, construction, remediation, abatement, and commercial and residential property holders.

Terrell Technical Services, Inc.

Our service lines include industrial hygiene, asbestos, fungal (mold), bacterial, lead-based paints, indoor air quality, environmental site assessments (ESA), occupational safety, environmental health and safety programs, water and soil testing, clandestine drug lab inspections, and COVID-19 testing.

In our work, we focus on staying current within our fields of professional expertise in order to provide our clients with unparalleled service. Our employees hold all applicable U.S. EPA/OSHA accreditations and nationally recognized certifications/credentials to provide these services. Our staff possesses solid educational backgrounds with degrees in diverse fields of study including environmental science, industrial hygiene, chemistry, biology, geology, and mathematics.

Every client’s needs are unique. Our approach recognizes that fact and provides client-specific application. We provide our clients with targeted effective solutions, based on our team’s experience and knowledge. These have been the foundation of our success. We take pride in the quality of relationships that we have with our clients. We are a team of professionals whose steadfast aim is to provide the highest level of professional service for each project.

Terrell Technical Services appreciates your interest in our service lines. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (256) 461-9278.